Linguistic Fieldwork

Linguistic Fieldwork: A Student Guide

A handy beginner’s guide, Linguistic Fieldwork: A Student Guide introduces the various stages of linguistic fieldwork, from the preparation of the work to the presentation of the results. Drawing on over forty years of fieldwork experience between them, in over two dozen languages, the authors pack the book with examples and anecdotes from their experiences and include practical exercises for students to test what they have learned. Independent of any particular perspective, the methods can be applied to a wide range of fieldwork settings, for projects with very different theoretical backgrounds and without the need to travel too far. The book covers ‘traditional fieldwork’ such as language description and documentation, as well as less typical methods, including language contact and quantitative studies with experiments or questionnaires.

This is co-authored with Jeanette Sakel, a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of the West of England, Bristol.