Two film clips came out recently from my special invited sessions at the Linguistic Society of America’s Summer Institute in Michigan held in July 2013. The first is¬†the Q&A about the¬†film about my life and work, Grammar of Happiness. The second¬†is¬†my monolingual demonstration (the language I got turned out to be Hmong) – a demonstration of how to learn and study another language when you speak no language in common. The LSA organizers chose a language and I was not allowed to know what it was. I just walk on the platform with my props and start learning.

This site is primarily about my books and other publications on language and culture, and how and where my ideas have been featured over the years. I am also writing the libretto for The Three Astronauts, an exciting new opera. Please see my current info page for more details.

In case you’re interested in seeing how I spent the last thirty years of my life professionally (the best things are not on here – high school graduations, children’s weddings, grandchildren (7!) being born, meeting new colleagues, getting remarried, and so on), here is a copy of my most recent¬†Curriculum Vitae.

My son Caleb Everett, Associate Professor of Anthropology at University of Miami, has recently made headlines with some groundbreaking new research that reveals a link between geography/topography and the physics of sound. A few of the media outlets that are reporting on his original study are The Atlantic, Science Daily, Nature World News, the Telegraph, NBC, Scientific American, Smithsonian Magazine, and the New York Times.