Five Books Interview

On language and thought.

The Hechinger Report

About the value and relevancy of liberal arts.

The Edge

My member bio page

My response to the 2014 Annual Question: What scientific idea is ready for retirement?

My response to the 2015 Annual Question: What do you think about machines that think?

On Recursion and Human Thought


This video recording was transcribed into a chapter in the new book Thinking by John Brockman, which is about the mysteries of rational thought, decision-making, intuition, unconscious behavior and beyond. Click here for the chapter (Recursion and Human Thought: Why the Pirahã Don’t Have Numbers).


I am one of 8 people featured in Robert Greene’s new book Mastery, released November 13, 2012.  Mastery, Greene’s fifth book,  argues that humans are hardwired to succeed and can achieve whatever they desire with discipline and a number of concrete steps.

Pragmatics and Cognition

  • Special 20th anniversary issue (2013) dedicated to my 2012 book Language: The Cultural Tool, edited by Marcelo Dascal, Department of Philosophy, Tel Aviv University. Click here to download.

Marie Claire in Italia

New Scientist


  • The major Brazilian newsmagazine. Veja also featured a three-page interview (pdf) with me in their “yellow pages”, reserved for international renowned scientists, politicians, artists, etc. following the release of my book Language: the Cultural Tool.


Der Spiegel

  • One of the earlier articles on the Pirahãs.

New Yorker

  • The most substantive story about my work is in the New Yorker.


  • The Italian magazine, Newton, carried a nice story.

Gehirn and Geist

  • The German popular science magazine Gehirn & Geist, carried a couple of stories about Pirahã.

Scientific American Mind

Science News

Your Manchester

  • Your Manchester is a new alumni magazine for the University of Manchester.


GEO Magazine

  • GEO Spanish. This is one of sixteen languages in which this article appeared.


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