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April 2017

The Why Factor, BBC World Service

March 28, 2016

December 29, 2015

January 18th, 2013

2ser Daily Podcast

March 30th, 2012

Interview on “Future Primitive


BBC 4: Numbers by Nature

I tell Alex Bellos the story of how I discovered that the Pirahas have no numbers. Click here

to listen.

BBC 4: Book of the Week

  • These are episodes 1-5 of a series featuring Daniel Everett’s book Don’t Sleep There are Snakes, as read by Colin Stinton.
  • Press play to start.
  • MP3 versions are available for download below.

Episode 1 mp3

Episode 2 mp3

Episode 3 mp3

Episode 4 mp3

Episode 5 mp3

BBC World Service: Outlook

This interview

was conducted with me in February, 2008. It is about how the Pirahas affected me spiritually and other aspects of life among them. (This is a large mp3 file)

BBC Radio – Material World

Debate with Prof. Ian Roberts, Head of Linguistics, University of Cambridge

National Public Radio

  • National Public Radio featured my work in 2007.
  • I was a guest on The Global Journalist in 2016, a program broadcast on KBIA, an NPR affiliate in Missouri. They did a program on the world’s uncontacted tribes – watch here.
New Scientist

New Scientist


with me about Pirahã (.mp3 file)

Out on a limb over language

WGLT Radio (Illinois State University)

My ‘home’ radio station also interviewed

me about recursion.

Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics Radio had a brief interview with me about suicide.

Philosophy Bites

Philosophy Bites interviewed me about the nature of language.

Wisconsin Public Radio

Wisconsin Public Radio reprised a 2008 interview with me.

The Long Now Foundation

I did a seminar about long term thinking – purchase the DVD or watch now