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Chomskyan vs. Greenbergian Universals

Now that my latest book, Dark Matter of the Mind: A Culturally Articulated Conception of the Unconscious, has been sent to the publisher, I plan to begin a blog here on culture and language. The first entry is a bit technical, though my intention is to keep most of the future entries a bit lighter, […]

Current Project – Dark Matter of the Mind

“Dark Matter of the Mind: How Unseen Forces Shape our Words and World” for the University of Chicago Press, for release in late 2014. I gave a solo talk on this subject in May of 2014 at the HowTheLightGetsIn festival, an initiative of the Institute of Arts and Ideas, in Hay-on-Wye, United Kingdom. Click here to watch […]

Noble Ancestors and Modern Selves

Thomas Hobbes believed life before civilisation was nasty, brutish and short. From diets to lifestyles, some anthropologists think otherwise. Did hunter gatherers have a better grasp on life? Should we look toward today’s tribal societies to see how to live, or is this a romantic delusion? BBC documentary maker Bruce Parry, myself and bioethicist Sarah […]

Intensive Writer’s Retreat

Our first intensive writer’s retreat was held in New York City in mid-April, 2013 with Liu Sola, Yusef Komunyakaa, Dmitry Glukhovsky and myself. Grethe Holby, far right, is the producer. Here’s a great photo of our team:

Opera: The Three Astronauts – final production in 2015

I have had the honor and privilege of joining Ardea Arts and the Family Opera Initiative in developing the extraordinary children’s book The Three Astronauts for the stage as a contemporary American opera-musical. In the book, by world-renowned author, political philosopher and semiotician Umberto Eco, and by revered Italian visual artist Eugenio Carmi, an American, […]

Shaping the Future of Business Education – now available

This book was edited by Gordon Hardy, Senior Associate Director of Content, Communication and Creative Services at Bentley University, and myself and addresses Bentley’s undergraduate business education. Creation of Bentley’s forward-thinking curriculum was the result of an innovative, cross-disciplinary effort by the business and arts & sciences faculties that is now documented in this book. Faculty members […]