I have reduced my travel plans, as well as my social media presence in order to concentrate on two major projects that see my research move in a new direction – semeiotics and the philosophy of science. Books for Princeton University Press and Oxford University Press are now underway.

In 2018 I began a four year dual project for two new books on Charles Sanders Peirce. The first of these books is the first-ever in-depth intellectual biography of Peirce: “American Aristotle: Charles Sanders Peirce and the Shaping of the American Mind.” This biography will be published by Princeton University Press, under the editorship of Rob Tempio. The projected length is roughly 200,000 words.

The second book, for Oxford University Press, is “Peircean Linguistics: An Essay in the HIstory of Empiricist Thought,” to be edited by Meredith Keffer. Projected length roughly 100,000 words.

An early statement of mine on the importance of Peirce for world intellectual history, especially American intellectual history, is found in my Aeon Magazine article on Peirce:

First reactions to How Language Began: the Story of Humanity’s Greatest Invention, released this fall:

Very few books on the biological and cultural origin of humanity can be ranked as classics. I believe that Daniel L. Everett’s How Language Began will be one of them.”

Edward O. Wilson, University Research Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

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